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We guarantee our activities will always be carried out to the full satisfaction of the customer.

We plan with ingenuity

  • DKFG Group OÜ specializes in metal works, pipelines prefabrication, pipe assembly, welding, prefabrication of iron structures, on-site assembly and installation. In addition, we can also provide special professional tools and machines to fulfil tasks. The Company focuses on Swedish, Danish and Finnish market.
  • The basis of the Company’s reliability is the many years of experience and professional commitment of our employees. Our welders have valid TIG (141), MMA (111) Swedish certifications for material grades according to EN ISO 9606: FM1, FM2, FM3, FM4, FM5, FM6, in a very wide range in terms of pipe diameter and material thickness. Moreover, the company considers the continuous professional training of its employees important, and places great emphasis on the monitoring and application of technological innovations. Our welders are certified and trained to meet both industry and our customers’ specifications.
  • The focus of the Company’s activities is on the client, striving to fully meet one’s needs. All employees try to contribute to the satisfaction of their clients and business partners to the maximum. Our staff is available all year long and is ready to provide continuous satisfaction with the work performed. The satisfaction and unbroken trust of our existing customers is the proof of our services.

Our vision is to expand the range of our activities, and customers due to the diversity and complexity of orders, while maintaining and increasing the volume of orders. Our mission is to perform high quality work and fully satisfy the needs of the client. Our strategy is to create successful business by focusing on current market opportunities. We guarantee our activities will always be carried out to the full satisfaction of the customer.

  • Our welding works are performed professionally and meet all the necessary requirements.
  • We offer welding services using quality equipment. experienced welders who pride themselves on attention to detail.
  • Experienced welders who pride themselves on attention to detail.
  • We focus on maintaining our development in different regions.
  • We care about the environment and follow the requirements of ISO 14001:2004 in course on our activities 
  • We perform continuous professional training for our employees.

We work across Europe

Our main focus is Swedish, Danish and Finnish market

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    Email info@dkfg.eu